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“What Does A U.F.C. Fighter, A PRIDE Veteran,
A 2004 Judo Olympian, A 4 Time Sombo National Champion
1 Of Only 5 Black Belts From The Legendary Rolles Gracie,
Multiple BJJ Black Belt World Champions
The 2003 Abu Dhabi Absolute Champion,
The Promoter of N.A.G.A and Grapplers Quest,
The Worlds Leading Author on Gracie Jiu-Jitsu,
Arguably One Of The Greatest BJJ Fighters Of All Time
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“I’ve Been Doing BJJ For Over 40 Years!
I Strongly Recommend The Grappling Game Plan”


Romero "Jacare´" Cavalcanti---
6th Degree BJJ Black Belt (Rolles Gracie)

Two Times Team BJJ World Championship Coach
Head Coach Alliance Team USA/Brazil est. 1985
President Georgia State BJJ Federation



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First, let me tell you why you should listen to me. Just in case you don’t know me my name is Lloyd Irvin, I’m a Multiple time National Judo Champion, Multiple time National Sombo Champion, 2005 Black Belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Champion andWorld Renowned Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Coach. I was the very first Non-Brazilian to defeat a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt in Brazil. I even had a full page article written about it in the World Famous Gracie Magazine after my win.

I’m the only person in the World to hold black belts in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Combat Sombo and Judo.

In 2002 I was named The United States Judo Federation International Coach of the year. Also in 2004 I was named the NAGA North American Grappling Associations Instructor of the Year as well as The Grapplers Quest 2004 Instructor of the Year. And in January 2005 in New York I’ll be inducted into The Grappling Hall of Fame along with Rickson Gracie, Royce Gracie, Renzo Gracie, Jacare, Liborio just to name a few. I’m not telling you this to impress you but to impress upon you that I know what I’m talking about as there are many people that make BIG claims but have nothing to back them up with. I’m all about athletes getting results!

You may have seen my student Brandon “THE TRUTH” Vera in The Ultimate Fighting Championships. I’m the REAL DEAL.

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“The Grappling Game Plan Will Sky Rocket Your Grappling Game Beyond Your WILDEST Imagination.  It Can Literally Turn You From Clark Kent To Superman”



Mike Moses

BJJ Black Belt
4-time Grapplers Quest Champion
1999 BJJ Pan American Games - Gold Medal
2000 BJJ Pan American Games - Gold Medal
2000 BJJ World Championships - Bronze Medal




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For Any Martial Artist!”


Tchau Kid PeligroP

BJJ Black Belt



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DJ Jackson

4-Year Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt
Amateur MMA Fighter (2-0)
2011 BJJ World Champion
2011 European Champion (Weight Class & Absolute)
Abu Dhabi World Pro No-Gi Champion (Weight Class & Absolute)
Multiple-Time Naga Champion




“The Grappling Game Plan Works Like MAGIC!”


Jose Villirisco

3 Time WKA Muay Thai Champion




“The Grappling Game Plan Is A Must Have
For Any Combat Athlete As Well As Instructors.”


Ricardo Almeida

Renzo Gracie Black Belt

4 x National Brazilian Champion, 2 x Rio de Janeiro State Champion

1998 Pan Am Champion, 1998 Abu Dhabi runner-up

1999 Abu Dhabi 3rd place, 2000 Abu Dhabi 3rd place Absolute

2001 Abu Dhabi runner-up, Pride & UFC Veteran


“I Truly Believe That The Grappling Game Plan Has The Potential To Greatly Improve Anyone's Performance That Uses It.”


Matt Serra

Renzo Gracie Black Belt

U.F.C. Fighter, Abu Dhabi Finalist, BJJ World Champion


“The Grappling Game Plan Is A Must Read
For Those Of You That Want To Reach Your Full Potential!”


Joe D’ Arce

Pancrase Competitor, 2000 Pan American Champion

2004 Grapplers Quest USA Trials Middle Weight Champ


“The Grappling Game Plan Is The Program To Help You Define Your Vision, Your Goals, And Set Up The Framework To Take You There”


Amal Easton

Renzo Gracie Black Belt
2004 Pan American Absolute Black Belt Champion
2004 Pan American Black Belt Champion
2003 USA vs. Brazil Black Belt Champion


“The Grappling Game Plan Put Everything In A System For Me To Follow And I'm 100% Confident In My Abilities Against Any Opponent.”


Jeff Glover

7-Time Grapplers Quest Champion
2-Time IGJJF Champion
#1 RATED Purple Belt in the Nation





“After Reading Lloyd Irvin's Book The Grappling Game Plan I WAS INSTANLY BLOWN AWAY!”


Marcos Avellan

2004 Abu Dhabi American Trials Champion

Head Instructor of the Freestyle Fighting Academy


“I Can Honestly Say The Grappling Game Plan Is One Of The Most Impressive Products Related To Combat Sports That I Have Ever Come Across.”


Kenny Florian

BJJ Black Belt





“The Grappling Game Plan Isn’t An Option But A Necessity”


Todd Margolis

BJJ Black Belt
4 Time Grapplers Quest Champion
2 Time Pan American Silver Medallist



“It's Kill Or Be Killed On That Mat -
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Of The Grappling Game Plan.”


Jeff Higgs

Black Belt, Brazilian Jiu- Jitsu



“The Grappling Game Plan Is Second To None”


Rafeal Lovato Jr.

Carlos Machado Black Belt
2000 Pan Ams 1st Place Blue Belt
2000 Mundials 3rd Place Weight Class
2nd Place Absolute Blue Belt
2001 Pan Ams 3rd Place Purple Belt
2001 Mundials 3rd Place Purple Belt
2002 Pan Ams 3rd Place Brown Belt
2003 Pan Ams 3rd Place Brown Belt
2003 Copa do Mundo 3rd Place Brown Belt
2004 Arnold/Gracie World Championships 1st Place Professional Brown Belt
2004 Pan Ams Team USA vs Team Brazil Champion
2004 Rio State Championship 1st Place Brown Belt
2004 Copa do Mundo 3rd Place Weight Class
3rd Place Absolute Brown Belt




Marcos “Parumpinha’ Da Matta

1996 BJJ World Champion, 2000 Runner up
2000 Brazilian Champion, 1999 Runner up
6 Time Naga Super Fight Champion
1st Abu Dhabi Super Fight Champion


“Without a doubt this is the best book that any grappler could have to get his head right for tournament, NHB, or just training.”


Pat "Hawk" Hardy

Royce Gracie BJJ Black Belt 10 years in BJJ
1st Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do
1st Degree Black Belt in Tang Soo Do
5th Degree black Belt in Shotokan Karate.
3 Time Gracie National Blue Belt Champion
3 Time Pan Am Champion
2 Time International Masters & Seniors BJJ World Champion
2 Time BJJ US National Brown belt Champion
Multiple Time Boxing Golden Glove Champion
1975 Shotokan Karate National Heavyweight Champion



“I Could Immediately Tell His Approach To The Grappling Arts, Was The Not Only Progressive, But Potentially Groundbreaking.”


Tyrone Glover

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt, Undefeated in Mixed Martial Arts
2004 Abu Dahbi North American Trials Competitor,
2004 Grapplers Quest Superfight, Champion,
2003 Pan American Champion,
2003 TapOut Most Technical Fighter
2002 Copa Pacifica Champion



“I would highly recommend anyone serious about grappling to get this course.”


Dean Lister

2003 Abu Dhabi Absolute Champion, Pride Veteran, BJJ Black Belt


“The Grappling Game Plan Has My Highest Recommendation For Your Training, Competing, And All Aspects of Your Life!”


Kipp Kollar

President, North American Grappling Association
The WORLDS Largest Submission Fighting Tournaments


“The Grappling Game Plan Covers Every Aspect
Of How To Prepare You To Succeed.”


David Avellan

3x Grapplers Quest Pro Absolute Champion
5x NAGA Champion
Ultimate Submission Showdown Finalist



“The Grappling Game Plan Is 'The Light At The End Of The Tunnel' For Any Competitor Or Coach Looking To Take The Next Step In Grappling”


Brian Cimins

President and Founder, Grapplers Quest
"The World's Largest Grappling Tournaments"




“The Grappling Game Plan Is Also Useful For Teachers Like Me That Want To Give The Best Training Available To Its Competitors.”


Fabio Gurgel

4 times World Champion 96, 97, 2000, 2001
2 times Master World Champion 2002, 2003
3 times Brazilian National Champion 94, 95, 96
3 times Brazilian National Team Champion
3 times Rio de Janeiro State Champion 94, 95, 2000
3 times São Paulo State Champion 95, 96 ,98



“I strongly recommend this book for beginners and experts alike”


Chris Savarese

Purple belt-Renzo Gracie
1995 NYC Grappling champion
1996 NYC Grappling champion
2x GQ champion
2x NAGA champion
1x USGA champion


“The Grappling Game Plan Is The Most Valuable Tool Out Today!”


Jeff Monson

Abu Dhabi Champion
AFC Brazil Champion
Multiple times NAGA Champion
Multiple Times Grapplers Quest Champion
The Man many feel is the greatest active Submission Wrestler in the World



“I Am Confident My Mental Strategies I Gain From The Grappling Game Plan Will Be Good As My jiu-jitsu”


Cassio Werneck

2003 BJJ World Champion
2003 Pan American Champion
2004 BJJ World Championships Silver Medalist


“I Will Pass The Grappling Game Plan Information To Our Athletes Such As Comprido, Leozinho, Jacare, Ratinho And The Others”


Felipe Costa

BJJ Black Belt
World Champion
One of BRASA TEAM leaders